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Petroleum and Mining Processing

For oil industry, the foam problems exist in many processes, such as oil drilling, well cementation mortar, delayed coking,oil refinery,oil-water & oil-gas separation,crude oil transportation, residual oil storage and processing, and finished oil storage and transportation etc. So, the usage of defoamer is necessary.
For Mining processing, such as coal mine, metal mineral and phosphorite etc, it also need add of antifoaming agent. And, for electric power plant, the desulphurization and decarbonization process, defoamer should be used too.

Main Products:
Organosilicon Defoamer BYC-2525A/2526
BYC-2525A/2526 is a kind of organosilicon antifoam agent. And, it has high defoaming ability and excellent foam-suppressing performance.And, it is stable during storage. It can be used in oil drilling mortar, residual oil storage and cement mortar etc.

Organosilicon Defoamer BYC-2911
BYC-2911 is a kind of organosilicon antifoam agent. And, it has excellent breaking and strong inhibiting foam performance. And, it has good versatility and can be used in oil extraction, oil refinery, delayed coking, water gas separation, finished oil transportation. Also, it can be used in electric power plant for the desulphurization and decarbonization process.

Organosilicon Polyether Based Defoamer BYC-5161/5162
BYC-5161/5162 is a kind of emulsion type Organosilicon Polyether Based Defoamer. It is a kind of high effective defoaming agent. It has good stability during storage. And, it can be applicated in well cementation mortar, oil drilling mortar. In addition, it is the defoamer for use in coal mine, phosphorite and electric power plant.

Antifoam Powder BYC-120/140
BYC-120/140 is a kind of solid defoamer, and, it is suitable for well cementation, cement mortar etc. And, it is very efficient and can eliminate foam quickly.

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