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Water Treatment
For many industries, such as textile, paper making, fermentation, oil drilling etc, the wastewater is the inevitable outcome during the processing. Also, for urban refuse, the landfill need to dispose tens of thousands of tons refuse every day, and, to deal with the biological waste water, they all need use anti-foam agent. Considering that the usage amount for the defoamer is large for water treatment, it request the antifoam agent be high efficient and economical, WANCHENG Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd develops many good defoamers that can be used for different types of wastewater. And, to meet different requirements, these defoamers includes both silicone and non-silicone ones. 


Main Products:
Biological Waste Water Treatment Defoamer BYC-1262/5163
BYC-1262/5163 is a kind of emulsion type non-silicon polyether defoaming agent, it is used for the biological waste water treatment, leachate treatment and refuse landfill etc. And, it has excellent breaking and inhibiting foam performance, and, the solubility is perfect. It is widely accepted due to its non-caking, no floating oil and no screen plugging.


Industrial water Treatment Defoamer BYC-2525A
BYC-2525A is a kind of organosilicon emulsion defoamer. It is high concentration agent and need dilute before use. And, compared to traditional defoaming agent, it eliminate foam more quickly, also, it has great persistence, small amount can get great effect. And, it is also resistant to strong alkaline system


Industrial water Treatment Defoamer BYC-72 Series
BYC-72 Series is organosilicon emulsion defoamer, it is easy to disperse in water and can be used within wide PH scope. It is suitable for various waste water treatment. And, it belongs to high effective and economical antifoam agent. Great effect can be gained with small amount.


Industrial water Treatment Defoamer BYC-9177/9155
BYC-9177/9155 is a kind of self-emulsifying organosilicon antifoam agent, with high defoaming ability and performance. It has great great solubility and safe with high active. And, Due to its non-caking, no floating oil and no screen plugging features, it can be used for high requirements water treatment system. In one word, it is the idealist defoamer.

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